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We offer world class telecommunications services to help businesses of any size brand for maximum profit, communicate intelligently and stand out from the crowd.


SMAT Numbers are customized business or personal phone numbers. They can be Toll-Free Numbers (0800 Businessname) or non Toll-Free Numbers (0700 Businessname). Good for marketing and brand visibility.

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In an attempt to complete the cycle of branding your services we have decided to activate the outbound calling feature that will show your 0700/0800 customized number (eg: 0700 CALLALPHA) as the caller ID when you make a call through to a customer or business.

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With Alpha Caller App, you can make calls to any Nigerian phone number at a cheaper rate. Download on Android or iOS App Store.

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Integrated Voice response (IVR) service offers a digital auto receptionist feature to business phone numbers.  IVR helps businesses to manage customer calls, direct calls to the right department and offer recorded responses to customers requests.

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We offer extensive wireless intercom  services with multiple call extensions to various departments. For businesses with branches across the country, we integrate these branches together to work with the central intercom.

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The Audio conference bridge service provides a platform for 20 or more callers from different locations and on different networks (either fixed, mobile or fixed wireless) to engage in an audio conference at the same time.

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Nigeria’s First Cross-Network Telecommunications Service Provider

Our services help you communicate smarter, improve your brand visibility, grow your business and ultimately reduce your business communication cost…

Alpha caller App - Make calls to any Nigerian number at 11 kobo/sec

Discover the cheapest way to make calls in Nigeria with the ALPHA CALLER APP

Make calls to any Nigerian phone number at a cheaper rate

  • Make Cheaper Calls
  • Enjoy Free Chat
  • 3-Way Audio Conference
  • The call receiver does not need internet
  • Free Business Directory
  • Free Voicemail Service
  • Call receiver doesn’t need to have Alpha Caller App installed

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A SMAT Number spells your company name, product you sell, services your company provides or any unique number you select. Eg : 0700CALLALPHA (0700225525742), 0700GTCONNECT, 0700CALLDHL

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Get a non-toll free SMAT number to brand your business using your customized phone numbers

  • Memorable, easily recognizable, convenient to use
  • Improved communication accessibility
  • Attracts attention (tool for self-expression)
  • Personalized for your business
  • A marketing aid and indirect avenue to increase sales
  • Improves profitability
  • Improves customer service
  • Strengthens brand recognition
  • Helps increase credibility and prestige
  • Tool for branding and brand visibility.

Get the toll free SMAT number to brand your business, have customers call you for free and increase customer traffic to your business

  • Encourages more people to call.
  • Indicates strength and stability that the provider or the subscriber of the toll free service has the capacity to carry his business and that of those that do business with the company.
  • Easily provide source of feedback.
  • A tool to project brand integrity and loyalty
  • Toll-free number provides an avenue to increase business patronage which in turn leads to higher profitability.
  • The best tool for customer service and customer care.
  • Tool for branding and brand visibility

Set up a free Alpha conference call for up to 20 people. Simply dial : 0700 000 0707

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