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Frequently asked questions

The activation process takes about 24 hours after payment has been confirmed.

Yes, the phone number attached to your SMAT Number still works normally.

No, using a SMAT Number does not require a recharge card.  You only pay the annual subscription fee.

No, SMAT Number work on existing SIM cards. Alpha Technology does not give new SIM card or modem.

You can mask 10 numbers (either discrete lines or E1 lines)

No, caller ID (A-number) will show instead of SMAT Number ID because ALPHA does the translation of the SMAT Number and forward the caller ID directly to the masked lines for easy identification of the real caller. This allows call receiver to easily get the details of the caller.

Yes, we can change the masked line, but your identity remains the same.

No, the switch automatically cuts off, if the payment is not made at the due date.