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Free ALPHA audio conference

We offer exclusive telecommunications services to help businesses communicate smarter and cheaper.

Alpha services are available nationwide and accessible internationally.


Our audio conference service in Nigeria provides a platform for 20 or more people from different locations and on different networks (either fixed, mobile or fixed wireless) to engage in an audio conference at the same time.
An audio conference of this nature prevents the need to assemble participants in the same locality or conference room thereby saving time and travel cost.

Our Conference Bridge service include:


This provides the ability for anybody to set-up a free conference of up to 20 people from anywhere and any network by dialing 0700 70707 070 or 0700 0000 707 and following the voice prompt. A subscriber outside Nigeria wishing to set-up or participate in this conference will dial

+234-700-7070-7070 or +234-700-000-0707


The person setting up the conference will choose a conference ID Number and a PIN number for the group participating in the conference and propagate them to all participants before time. At the chosen time, all the participants will dial the general conference number and follow the voice prompts. However participants on pay–as–you-go can fall out of the conference once they exhaust their credit.

The support and assistance of the ALPHA technical team is not required by the group to set up a conference anytime they desire.


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