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0700 Non Toll Free Phone Numbers in Nigeria

We offer exclusive telecommunications services to help businesses communicate smarter and cheaper.

Alpha services are available nationwide and accessible internationally.

0700 Non Toll Free Phone Numbers in Nigeria

0700 Non Toll Free Phone Numbers in Nigeria

Our Non-Toll-Free service is a cost effective business tool for branding and brand visibility. A caller to this number pays for the call.

This is a service platform whereby anyone who places a call to that vanity number that begins with 0700 is billed by his parent network operator.

Prepaid users are billed automatically by network operators.
Postpaid users are billed at the end of every month by their network operators.

Non Toll-Free Numbering follows the format 0700COMPANY NAME/SERVICE/PRODUCT. For example 0700PETTYPAY, 0700ALPHATECH, 0700ALPHACARE etc. provides your company with the dual advantage of branding and corporate image and makes you stand-out of the crowd and closer to your customers/clients every time, everywhere.

Memorable, easily recognizable, convenient to use
Improved communication accessibility
Attract attention (tool for self-expression)
Personalized your business
A marketing aid and indirect avenue to increase sales
Improves profitability
Improves customer service
Strengthens brand recognition
Helps increase credibility and prestige
Annual Subscription Fee

Single Line: = N26,250.00 (Per line)

Multiple Lines: = N52,500.00 (First two lines)

More Lines = N21,000.00 (Additional per line)